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"Download Kakao Talk and enjoy one of the instant messaging applications with the greatest impact throughout the world. Download Kakao Talk is available for for Android, iPhone, Blackberry and PC."


Download Kakao Talk and you'll join the more than 90 million users who use this application on the planet.

KakaoTalk is an application like Whatsapp and Line, but much simpler and easier to use.

Download Kakao Talk and you can make voice calls, send messages free, interactive and animated emoticons, participate in group chats and share photos and videos with your friends.

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Moreover, one of its main features is the Walkie-Talkie, through which you can record a message and send it to a friend, being the most fun conversation.

With Download Kakao Talk you can talk for free with all your contacts from Android, iOS, Blackberry, Bada and WP.

This application does not work on PDA and Tablets, therefore can not download Kakao Talk on these devices.

Download Kakao Talk for Android


To download Kakao Talk on a Android Smartphone requires Android version 1.6 or higher.

Download this app on your Smartphone easily and simple. First you have to go to Google Play to download this application. Another option is to go directly to this link (

Once we downloaded from Google Play we must accept the Privacy Policy and started installation.

We do not have to check us, we just have to enter our phone number and then press confirm. From now on we downloaded Kakao Talk in our Smartphone and we can use this application. By not having to check in, Kakao Talk has become a very used app by youth and teenagers who are tired of the privacy issues of most social networks.

Recently there is a new version of Kakao Talk for Android. It is the 3.8.8 version, that incorporates some new features compared to the previous version.

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Kakao Talk for iPhone Download

Other option is download Kakao Talk for iPhone users.

We have to enter Apple Store or directly from Apple iTunes Store (

Once you have downloaded the app on Apple Store, following all the instructions ask us to install Kakao Talk on your iPhone.

Kakao Talk for Blackberry Download

To download this App on a Blackberry we go straight to AppWorld and we begin the download and installation as we have done on Android and iPhone.

Use of Kakao Talk

Kakao Talk performs all communication via Wi-Fi and 3G, with the convenience that does not show any advertising.

It is available in 12 different languages including English, Chinese, Korean, French, Spanish, Japanese, German, Thai, Indonesian, Italian, Portuguese and Turkish.

This application allows you to protect your account with a password privacy for greater security.

Kakao Talk Messenger is an application for chat and make free calls. You can chat with friends in groups of up to 5 people with great audio quality. Through the Group Call screen you will see who is involved in this communication. Look for new contacts by name and add them in a particular list, and if necessary you can save this list and export it as a archive.

It has a good chat service where you can communicate with people who want and you send messages, pictures, videos, documents and all types of multimedia content. Also, you will have a mini profile where you can specify the data that you want to share with other users.

You can customize the wallpaper to your liking and send your conversations to your mail by pressing a button.

In summary, the main features of Kakao Talk Messenger are:

  • It is an instant messaging service which is only available for Android.